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Eyefinity monitor help

In shopping for a new video card and leaning towards a 6870 I was thinking about trying out eyefinity gaming. The problem is I currently own dual 24" 1920x1200 displays( and cannot find a third as 16:10 seems to be dying out.

Should I consider something like adding a larger 25.5" 1920x1200 (Asus) that is availible?

Or maybe going with a 27" 1080p monitor for the center and use the dual 24" I own for the sides?

Any ideas out there?
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    If you bought the 25.5" Asus and used it as your middle screen, you probably wouldn't even notice the difference. You can set bezel compensation to deal with it anyway.

    27" will probably be fine too, but if possible I'd definitely try to get the same screen you have already. You do use the side screens more for immersion factor and it's very unlikely you'll notice an inch or two diagonally.
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  3. Ugh, I am still trying to decide on which to pull the trigger on. The cash difference is not a factor.

    ASUS-VW266H-25-5 - 25.5" 16:10 $249 AR shipped

    ASUS-VE276Q - 27" 16:9 $299 shipped

    ASUS VE278Q - LED 27" 16:9 $338 shipped

    My Lenovo T61p has an older LCD in it and my new work Lenovo W510 laptop has LED. I notice eye fatigue is worst for me for some reason on my new LED laptop unless I critically lower the brightness and it just doesn't look as good too me so I think I am eliminating the LED version. Maybe I am wrong though and LED has nothing to do with my eye fatigue. I do need new glasses.
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