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Hi. I own two EVGA GTX 460s. Two days ago, I installed the EVGA FPB BIOS update (even though I think I already had it) and did a little overclocking. While I was overclocking, I raised the voltage to 1.087, core to 850 and memory to 1950. I used Unigine Heaven benchmark to test and found that I prefered my old settings with the stock 1.037 voltage and 825 core overclock and 1925 memory overclock. Well, when I went in to Vantage to check things out (I have free/basic/trial version) and started the benchmark, I got horrible artifacts in the Jane Nash scene (didn't try any other scene but I'm sure I would have same problem). It even did this on all stock card settings. My heart must've skipped in a beat and I felt terrible inside, because I thought I damaged the cards. Well, after running Heaven again, along with Furmark and plenty of other games, I didn't see anything wrong. I must've uninstalled/reinstalled Vantage 4 times and I still have the same problem. What could've gone wrong? I didn't do anything wrong or dangerous to the cards whatsoever. All of a sudden this happened and while other applications work fine, I'd really like to get Vantage working again. Please, please help me.

I have latest 260.99 drivers and have even tried reinstalling those.
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  1. What are the temps in Vantage compared to Heaven and FurMark? As far as I know artifacting is usually heat-related, but FurMark should run those cards hotter than even vantage...
    Besides, lowering the voltage shouldn't hurt it at all...
  2. Have you installed 3dmark11 recently, people using SLI system and installing 3dmark11, then trying to run vantage have reported severe artifacting (myself included) you either have to uninstall 'Futuremark SystemInfo' then reinstall vantage or use a hack to fix it using nvidia inspector
    see here for more info

    look around if you wish to verify the hack
  3. I am having the same issue. Not artifacts per se, it is actually heavy blue lines moving up and down the screen when in SLI. Uncheck SLI and the program runs fine. Try to uncheck Jane Nash and see if its blue lines you have as well or actual "artifacts". I'm curious as to whether the term artifact hasn't been misused. On the Jane Nash run the first screen is so red the lines almost look purple, all the other test are a clear as day, heavy blue bars moving up or down the screen. I did have re install the system info file from futuremark to get 3D mark vantage to run, so I know that's current.
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