Which PSU should i buy?

iwant to buy a intel i5 2500 ,Foxconn H67M-V B3 (s1155, DDR3, H67) motherboard,twinteck gtx550 ti vga,2x2gb dual corsair xms3 1600mH,2 120mm case fans,2 sata 500gb hdd,and a dvd writter.How many WATTS PSU and which models do you sugggest
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  1. Good 450w.
    500w if you want to OC.
  2. i maybe put a dvdrom and a another 250gb hdd which i dont use often.Which brands or models PSU do you suggest? ty :)
  3. And so you want to upgrade it in the near future?
    What is your budget by the way?
  4. no these 2 i maybe put the from them start,after some years maybe i put 2x2gb ram or somethin, sure 500 W are enough? do you suggest any PSU models?
  5. Well i like OCZ modstream 500w.However i still feel better you get the 600w
  6. from the place i wanna make the pc set i cannot find OCZ models ,can you suggest me some models from Chieftec CoolerMaster Corsair Enermax L&C Premier SeaSonic or Silverstone brands?
  7. Stick with Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling, XFX, Antec, Enermax or Silverstone. 500-550 watts will leave you plenty of headroom and allow for a video card upgrade in the future.
  8. i will say something is funny for some reason because the midi case is coolermaster i wanna buy coolermaster PSU too,are they good?are they a little worse than corsair?
  9. Stay away from Coolermaster power supplies. Corsair is MUCH higher quality. The brands I listed are all top tier across their whole product lines.
  10. thank you very much for your time
  11. Glad to help.
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