Is there any way my graphic card , or any of the sata drives are causing psu to

Short description of my system , intel core duo 2x sata drives, one x1950 graphic card (recquires pcie) 2gb ddr2 .
After 3 and a half years of working perfect 24/7 i decided to finaly turn my pc off and go for 15 days break. when i came back and pressed to power on, it instantly burned my enermax liberty 500w psu i replaced it with a low cost one at 600w it then worked for 3 minutes and burned again. i then plugged an old psu i had on 350 w (that doesn't have cables for pcie and sata) and it is working just fine ( with an old ata drive)

is there any way my graphic card , or any of the sata drives are causing psu to burn? and how can i find out for sure?
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  1. I cant see how those components could blow a PSU. You should make sure that there are no electrical shorts in the system and that your power cord is not faulty. Otherwise it is possible that you have been simply unlucky. That low cost 600 watt PSU could be any piece of relabelled garbage that are working the market right now. Take it to the shop and get the PC tested.
  2. On this thread (, which I happened to read right before this one, someone who seems to know what they're doing said that faulty components CAN fry PSUs.
  3. It is possible that there is a component drawing to much current while the PSU is in standby mode and not being cooled by the fan resulting in an overheating PSU. It is also possible that a component could be causing a spike perhaps. The thread kajabla refers to talks of a PSU blown by use of an external HDD Caddy but the thread does not say if that Caddy was powered in its own right. The situation is complicated by the use of the "cheap" 600 watt PSU. I read an article where cheap PSU's were tested and they died in minutes not days. I think it is likely a short in the case somewhere. The best thing to do is get the machine tested by people who have the right gear. Otherwise you will never be sure as to whether the machine can be relied on.
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