Computer hang with setup is starting windows

im shefiq . when i start format with windows xp,win7 i cant reach the partition page
computer hanging with windows xp setup is starting windows, with window 7 hanging with the window's logo
i tr-yd to change hdd , memory,power supply.. but still the problem
plz help me..
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  1. I presume your hard drive is a SATA unit.

    You need to check some settings in the BIOS Setup screens, and what you do depends on whether you are installing Win XP or Win 7. If you have a choice, Win 7 is probably better.

    In general, to get into the BIOS Setup screens you need to hold down a key as the system starts to boot up from power-on. On many machines the key to hold down is "Del". But on some it is another. Watch your screen's messages as you turn power on. Usually at the bottom there will be a message like "Del to enter Setup", or something similar. That tells you the correct key.

    When you do this, the boot process will go on for a short time and then the opening screen of the BIOS Setup system will come on. There are messages on the screen about which keys to use to move around. Usually there are several tabs across the top for different major menus. Within these menus you can move around. Usually when you highlight one line with the cursor keys and then hit Enter, you get to a sub-menu where you can change a setting. Again, watch for messages on the bottom or right of the screen to help you.

    Go to where the SATA hard drive ports are configured if you are using a SATA drive. Check that they are Enabled. Very near there you should have a place to set the SATA Port Mode. IF you are going to install Win 7, set this to AHCI (or maybe Native SATA if there is no AHCI). HOWEVER, if you are going to install Win XP, set this to IDE (or PATA) Emulation. This is all because XP does not know how to use an AHCI (SATA) device without special installation of a driver, but Win 7 DOES know how. Unless you plan to set up a RAID array right now, do NOT set the Port Mode to RAID.

    Back out of this set of menus and find the place where you set the Boot Priority Sequence. You probably should set this to boot from your optical (DVD) drive first, then go to the SATA hard drive as second choice. Once you get these set, remember to use the right keys to SAVE and EXIT. This will save your BIOS settings and reboot the computer.

    When you boot, you should have your Windows Install CD in your optical drive so it can be found. Then it should start up the Install process, find your SATA hard drive, and offer it as the place to Install. It is possible that your earlier attempt at this with Win XP failed because you had the SATA drive's port set to ACHI mode, and XP cannot deal with that device. However, that would not explain why Win 7 Install failed.

    Assuming that Install does find a hard drive to use, check that it has the proper size. It may look slightly smaller than your drive claims because Windows uses a different way to count Gigabytes, but the difference will be about 7% or less. For example, a "500 GB" drive MAY be shown as one with 465 GB of space. If the drive size seems much smaller than that, it is possible that it already contains an old Partition. I assume that this is a new system and you do NOT want to preserve any old data on that drive. IF that is true, look in the menus of the Install routine for a way to Delete any and all old Partitions until that drive is completely empty. Then proceed with the Install routines.
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