Should I build around an e7200 or wait?

I am currently using a Phenom X4 9500, but I feel like its on its last leg, however I have a NiB e7200 just sitting on a shelf, would it be worth it to build a new system around that? Or would that be a waste of money?

I'm saving to build a new ~$500 system by the end of summer.
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    that would be a waste since the AMD you already have is the more powerful of the two though not by much.
    Since you are in the process of saving then wait is the definite right answer, at lest see how bulldog affects princing and performance.
  2. Keep the X4 and overclock it if you have a decent motherboard and good cooling, should get near 2.5Ghz

    Just keep it under 70c on full load.
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