What's the schedule for ATI's graphic cards?

Sorry, I'm not really a tech enthusiast; I'm not following the releases and generations very well. But out of curiosity, does anyone have a rough timeline (so far as press releases, announcements, etc.) of ATI's future? Like, when are the new cards in the 6900 series coming out? What's after that? What're all these Islands and whatnot? (yes, I know they're the codenames for the generations, but what do they MEAN for graphic processing's future?)
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  1. 6900s are supposed to be released within a week or two, they should be out by the holiday season.

    Radeon 6000 cards are based and will be based on the Southern Islands architecture, the upcoming 6900s are named Cayman because of the Cayman Islands(guess you've heard of them).

    I don't think codenames mean anything concerning the GPU industry future, it's just another way to attract the consumer.
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