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What temperature should my CPU be at?

Recently I downloaded the device "coretemp" to find out what temperature my CPU is running at. As I type this it appears to be varying from 30-35 degrees Celsius and roughly around 30 degrees Celsius when idle. My CPU is a Intel i7 2600(3.4 ghz) and I am cooling it with the stock cooler that came with the device. Is the temperature that my CPU is at okay or not? I am new to this forum so any help and advice is very much appreciated, thanks.
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  1. your temps are 100% normal. With that stock cooler, expect temps as high as 70 degrees C (which is OK too).
  2. Those temps sound fine - the bigger issue is temps under load. Since you're using the stock cooler, I would expect anywhere from 60-80C under load (depending on case ventilation and ambient temperatures).
  3. Also, there are many, many threads on this site alone asking exactly the same question as you.
  4. Yep nothing wrong with those temps..
    Run Prime95 and do a blend test.
  5. Thanks to everyone for the quick reply! I live in New York and the summers can get pretty hot(anywhere from 80-90 deg F and hotter) for instance today was just low 60s but I could definitely feel the heat in my room building up. My computer has 3 chassis fans, GPU fan, CPU fan and a PSU fan do you think this would be enough or should I be worrying? Also would you recommend I upgrade to a better CPU fan?
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    I think you should be fine,your cpu temps will definitely creep up a couple of degrees in the summer.
    That's normal for everyone's rig,if you feel they're too high just buy a CM 212+.
    No need to spend over $40 on a cooler for a SB cpu imo.
  7. +1 CM212+, a good investment to prolong the life of the cpu.
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