An nvidia graphics card was not detected in your system gs 8400

hi... my nVidia gs8400 isn't working properly.
im running Intel Core 2 Quad
1GB ram
the card used to be 1 GB
200GB hard drive + another 50GB for windows firmware
my friends were dusting my pc's inside and when we put it back, it had.. erm... issues :ouch:

it would beep 3 times and shutdown. we solved this but my nvidia would not be detected
and now its reduced to a 256 onboard vga... help!!!!!!! :bounce:
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  1. 2 things to try here. Another video card, if that works, replace the card. If it does not, replace the motherboard. Either the card or your PCIe slot is damaged. You don't "dust" inside a PC, at the most you may be able to use a data vaccum if it's really bad, or compressed air.
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