Antec Three Hundred Illusion?

I'd like to start by saying what a fantastic resource and community these boards are!

I'm researching components for a new desktop PC, and have decided that my first choice for the case is the Antec Three Hundred Illusion. My problem however is that I can't find anyone selling it. I've tried Newegg and it's out of stock, Tiger Direct doesn't carry it, and I couldn't find any other business that did either. Does anyone know if this is still available, and if so where I could buy it? Thanks!
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  1. I can't find it anywhere either. Spent over an hour looking. Good luck bro, I just went with a Rosewill Challenger instead.
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    The illusion is a newegg only special deal. If you really need it now just get the one without the tricool fans.
  3. None of those links are the Illusion model. Those are the normal Antec 300 that does not come with the rest of the fans.
  4. k1114 said:
    The illusion is a newegg only special deal. If you really need it now just get the one without the tricool fans.

    ^+1 exactly Newegg exclusive.
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  6. Thank you for the help! I'll keep watching Newegg and in the meantime research other choices.
  7. I've missed a deal on those too, but it does come up occasionally.

    I've built 6 computers with the Antec 300 case and I just buy a couple of Xigmatek fans to add in the front. The illusion just saves you a few dollars.
  8. Sorry.... I missed the Illusion part of your thread. It looks like the only diference between the Illusion and the 300 are the 2 fans in the front. You can pick thoseup most anywhere (seen some good bargains on ebay for tricools).

    I have built 4 computers with the 300 and on 2 of them added a front fan( felt 2 front fans was overkill). They are simple to install...just 4 screws.

    Either way, hope you find what you want and good luck with your build.
  9. The main benefit of the Illusion is when you can find it on sale, you are basically getting two 120mm LED fans for free (and free is always nice).
  10. Whoever wanted one of these- they are on sale today at newegg for $54.99.
  11. Thanks so much for the tip on the sale! That's just too good to pass up, so I think I'm finally going to order my first piece :D
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