Please help :) choosing a new Mobo!

Hello again folks :)
after trwaling through endless seas of web pages, ive decided to ask the people who probably know what theyre talking about.
So here's the problem. I received a Sparkle 1 gb 9800gt pcie x16 2.0 (no external power) card for christmas :D -

my specs are as follows
ASrock dual vsta Mobo -
3 gb DDr2 RAM
2 PATA drives, 1 120gb and one 80gb
1 80 gb sata
315w power supply (but i might upgrade to a 500w)
dual core 2.8ghz 775 socket

now i put the card into the motherboard at christmas, and nothing, blank screen, the computer powered up, and seemedto be running fine, with the exception that the monitor had no signal whatsoever, the fan on it was running, but nothing else.
I'm sure the card is not dead, as the guy who sold it to me posted videos on youtube of him running battlefield 3 fine. Now i think this is due to a motherboard compatibility issue.

So.... Can anyone recommend, a decent new motherboard, for a reasonable price (around £30 to £60?) that will as they say, cut the mustard, and that will DEFINATLEY run my 9800 gt :D
Please dont be afraid of suggesting things even if it might need an upgarde or two (especially if it's only adding sata DVD rom)

Also please ask for more info if you need it, thanks in advance :)
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  1. The problem could be that that motherboard is designed for AGP graphics card only but I suggest you look in the bios and check if you can change the display to PCIE. If that doesn't work you have a few options.
    1 a new 775 board that supports DDR2 RAM would cost around £40-50 (you may get a cheap used one on Ebay) ie
    2 as above with new DDR3 RAM cost around £10 more.
    3 new motherboard CPU & DDR3 RAM cost from £110 with a Pentium G620
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