Onboard graphics dead?

I had to install an old mobo in a system and format a drive because it de-authenticated the previous version of windows XP

After the install, the resolution was forced to low with 8 bit graphics and had no options to change it. The monitor was not detected, and after a restart the screen remains perfectly black after windows loads. I am unable to boot to safe mode as it stalls on Mup.sys.
Is this mobo fried?
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  1. try to install driver of mobo may be it will help
    such as vga audio ethernet hope it work!
  2. My first question would be what kind of Motherboard are you trying to get going?

    I had one of onboard graphics pcs and what happened with mine was during a install the pc defaulted to a unsupported resolution and gave me a black screen.

    I had to hook the computer up to my hd tv via an hdmi port to adjust the resolution to properly display, along with installing graphics driver updates.

    Depending on the type of MB you have this may or may not be an option but, just that graphics port could be bad, try an alternate port for graphics.
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