Signs of bad 775 processor

bought a 775 e2220 2.4 pentium processor for my asus P5LD2 AI LIfE series v1 mobo. nothing happens on power up, is this a bad processor it fits in perfectly. or is mobo incompatible
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  1. It isn't on the list of supported CPUs for your motherboard:

    According to that list, you need a version 2.01G motherboard and BIOS 1904 or greater.

    Edit: The motherboard should still power up, but not much else will happen. Did you determine that your motherboard works properly?
  2. mobo works fine with p4 3.4
  3. But since the E2200 isn't compatible, you can't tell for sure that it's defective. It should be tested in a compatible motherboard.
  4. thanks for providing me the list, i looked for hours for that thing I must suck at google. so if I can update my bios I should be fine right?
  5. Only if your motherboard is version 2.01G. In your original post, you wrote "Asus P5LD2 AI LIfE series v1 mobo".
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