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I have a question, so say if i got an nvidia gpu, glasses and have the required monitor, does that mean i can watch 3d movies? What about converting 2d into 3d? Or do i need some special software along with all this. i cant seem to tell, to me it seems like you only need a nvidia gpu card, monitor and you can pretty much watch anything.
And converting from 2d to 3d probably doesnt give much 3d effect im guessing?
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  1. You need a product like PowerDVD to playback the video, as well as a BlueRay player that supports as well.

    PowerDVD link:

    BlueRay Player example:
  2. so then nvidia lied when they said all i need to see 3d movies are monitor, gpu, and glasses. They forgot to mention the blueray and power dvd thing. Well thanks
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