System reboots upon power on then works fine

Coolermaster silent M 700W psu
g.skill ripjaws 2x4gb DDR3
coolermaster hyper 212+
asus p8p67 pro
evga 560 ti superclocked
intel x25-m 80gb SSD
win7 ultimate 64bit

It's not appearing to be a serious problem, just kind of a funky thing going on. Whenever I turn on my computer, it runs for about 4 seconds, turns off for about 2 seconds then turns back on and loads windows fine. Anyone have any ideas about what could be causing it? My only thought is that it could be because I have almost an entire power strip filled with it being plugged into, think I should try plugging the PSU into it's own strip?
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  1. Unless you connect your PSU to a different electrical circuit, it won't make any difference.

    How old is the PSU? And what are you overclocking?
  2. Brand new, entire system was built last week, been doing it since completion. I haven't overclocked anything as of yet. Although I did enable turbo boosting to ~4.1ghz.
  3. Are you sure the system powers down for a couple of seconds or could it be that the monitor just goes blank? Do the fans, HDDs, etc stop during the "pause"?

    Try running an extension cord to another plug to see if that helps (doubt it, but you can check).
  4. I have the same "issue"
    I have a ASUS P8P67 Deluxe, from what I can tell, its just some weird boot procedure the mobo does
  5. Yes all the fans stop for around 2 seconds, there's only an SSD so i can't tell by noise, but the fans all stop.
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    Is Quick Boot (or something like that) enabled in your BIOS?
  7. unfortunately I'll be home to check on that in 7 hours, so I'll check then, thanks for the input I'll let you know later!
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