Hi everyone,

I connected my PC to my 37' Philips TV a few days ago via HDMI cable, everything was fine until it wasn't, my TV started to flicker every couple of min' and then the screen changed to a strange pink-turquoise hue. I replaced the HDMI cable, updated the driver, changed the monitor screen refresh, tried the PC mode on the TV and a hundred other things, nothing works, i'm desperate. plus my computer screen works fine and so does the satellite that's connected to my TV.

plz Help. tnx.
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  1. Could be your HDMI connector, is the monitor you are using also HDMI? Is there any other HDMI device you can try? Have you tried another input on the TV? Have you tried to use something else on the input you have issues with, maybe move your satellite connection to the port you had the computer on.

    You may need to try a different video card to rule things out.
  2. yeah i tried almost all of those, the rest i'll try. i just have a question, does the HDMI cable really matters? i mean can a cheap one make this problems? i bought mine for 1/3 of the normal price in places i've seen.

  3. Cable quality and cable length are both factors with HDMI.
  4. Same issue here!!!
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