Is 5850 crossfire worth it?

I have owned a 5850 for 6 months now,and i am somewhat satisfied with it but it is beginning to show it's age.Recently i got an offer to get another 5850 for 2/3's of the price or 220$ .So my question is should i get another 5850 or sell my old 5850 for 70% of it's original price and wait for the new series 6900 from amd.Also i live in India where gtx 580 cost's about 680$ and gtx 570 about 500$ minimum and i don't think they are worth that much and for some reason the price of amd cards in India is same as that of us.
EDIT:So the dust have cleared and i can safely go ahead with my cross fire platform .Just one last question 6850 cf and 5970(used) are available to me at same price what do you guys think i should opt for?
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    Just buy another 5850.You asked this same question few weeks back in the Ati thread.I am also using 5850.Till date no game has taxed it.

    Yes I did asked this question before but i didn't get a satisfactory reply and since now i have the opportunity to buy a used card for 4000 Rs less i am really confused.By the way have you ever played Napoleon Total war,If not then you should because it will clearly show you the limitations of your card i.e HD 5850.
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    Which cpu you are using?RTS games always performs like a crap.

    Core i5 750 at 3.2 ghz
    Also you can see my PC configuration at user information.
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    That cpu is great.I generally play shooter and racing games.If you are getting it at good price then buy it.

    Well i know it's a good option but i haven't had any first hand experiences wit crossfire so i am a little cautious.I can handle having to download crossfire profiles etc but it should not be something which creates too much trouble,.And the main point here is the 6900 series due at 15th of December,it's also creating a lot of much confusion.Thanks for the replies ,I appreciate it.
  4. Any other suggestions ?
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