1000MHz Hyper Transport 2000 MT vs 2600MHz Hyper Transport (5200 MT/s)

How much difference in over all performance will there be between two boards running an am3 chip like x4 965 and the same 1333 ram?
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  1. I would like the answer to this also. I don't doubt there is some, but is it enough to justify paying a minimum of $60 on a new motherboard? Based on the recent sub-$200 CPU article, there is no longer a price point at which an entirely new system shouldn't be Intel (sad, but the numbers don't lie); for someone with already higher-end AMD parts, with no budget for a complete upgrade / rebuild, will replacing a 2000MT/s mobo with a 5200MT/s mobo yield a difference worth the price? Does the answer change if two GPUs will be used?
    I'd love to see just a couple of benchmarks; one CPU-dependent game (e.g. Skyrim) and one GPU-dependent title (e.g. Metro 2033). Testing with a 955 or 965, 4GB of RAM, and one or two HD6780 GPUs, how much difference is there, if only the mobo is changed?
  2. I am sure these benchmarks exist already somewhere.
    I hope someone here can tell us where they are.
  3. I guess we will have to do it.
    I love how helpful everyone is here.

    i need a working ddr2 board, to test my ddr2 ram i am selling.

    I have the asrock a770de+ which is a full atx board with no onboard video.
    it would probably be best for crossfire setup.

    and the

    asrock n68c-s ucc which is a micro atx board and has both ddr2 and ddr3 ram slots.

    which one of these boards should i use for our testing?

    I have a ton of amd cpu am3 and am2+

    and a ton of video cards are coming and going all the time.

    I do quite often get several of the same card so a crossfire set up should be not to difficult.

    which benchmarks should we try?

    I am not a gamer myself so we will need to use benchmarking and not games to judge the results.
  4. The 770DE is not a good Crossfire board, because its slots are x16,x4 instead of x8,x8. If it's the DDR2 version, then only try DDR2 in the n68c. The only different part should be the mobo.
  5. ok can we crossfire in the n68c?

    we can also test ddr3 vs ddr2

    i will have to find some 2gb ddr2 sticks
    only two slots will limit us to 4gb ddr2 i think
  6. Hmmm, not sure, but I think it only has one PCIE x16 slot.
    If the results of a single-card test are significant, perhaps it will encourage Tom's to break out some of their more extensive hardware collection and test in more detail.
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