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I am getting a message coming up when my computer boots up saying, through the marvel adapter there is no hard disk detected. The computer still boots up however I have fifteen seconds to wait before it properly boots up.

I originally installed windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on AHCI mode however looking at the forums they say try IDE mode. I have and there has been no difference.

I am using an Asus P8P67 Pro B3 revision and the ssd is the Corsair Force 120GB.

The problem is through the Marvell adapters but I am not sure how to resolve the matter or turn off the marvel adapters on the Motherboard through the EFI.

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  1. Which port do you have your SSD connected to? As I believe, these boards have 2 SATA controllers, 1 Intel, 1 Marvell.

    Also, for a SSD, you're going to want to be set at AHCI, and usually a transition from AHCI to anything or vice-versa, will cause more problems. Install ALL the drivers for your board, if that doesn't help, tell us the options for the SATA controller that are in the BIOS. Yes, you have an EFI BUT, there is an advanced options that should offer "Storage" as an option.
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