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Memory Channel[s]

The motherboard Z68 says it supports Dual channel i don't really understand what channels are as far as i can tell its just how

many memory sticks are in a package but i wanna get a 4x4 set for my friend for his birthday but i don't know if his z68 will allow

that it says support to 32gb of memory but its back to that channel thing.

I did read the sticky but it didn't really help my understanding
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    Assuming you get memory that is less than the mobo's max speed, it should work, as long as the mobo has 4 memory slots (i.e. if mobo supports DDR3 2100 then you can buy DDR3 1333, 1600, 1866, 2100; but if it only supports DDR3 1333, then a DDR3 1600 will still probably work, but only run at DDR3 1333, so you wasted money)

    Dual-, triple-, and quad-channel should only affect performance.
  2. you have to buy memory marked that will work dual channel go to the mobo maker to get the supported list of memory
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    Covering the couple unanswered questions, 'Stick' refers to the individual RAM. Next, 4x4GB DDR3-1600 CAS 9 is the Sandy Bridge (Z68 chipset) sweet-spot.

    Here's a few choices ->

    They will all operate well, so IMO choose the set that is best color coordinated to your friend's MOBO. Typically ASUS are Blue or Black/Red, Gigabyte Blue or Black...
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