Mobo problem and blue screen!!!!!!!!

Hi people

When i turn my PC off and back on again it blue screens and loops but if i turn it off then give the MOBO a slight push then restart it boots up?

any ideas what's wrong? i have had the problem for a while now and thought it wasn't screwed in enough, i just got a new case so i made sure it was this time, and still having the problem.

BTW the MOBO is a Gigabyte P55-US3L.
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  1. Sounds maybe like a grounding/shorting problem. Do you have standoffs installed in places where there is no screw? If so, remove those standoffs.
  2. Can u post your PC specs.

    Did u upgrade anything recently?
  3. I would check the cable connections first.
  4. Remove the mobo from the case and then re-install it
  5. I have made sure there are no stand offs where there are no screws as i have just got a new case and i have just added some ram and a new GPU but i was having this problem before that, and sorry here's my specs

    Gigabyte P55-US3L

    INTEL CORE i5 750


    XFX HD 6850 1GB



  6. I think that your PSU is under powered, I counted capacitors aging @30% and it resulted in 440W output.

    How old is your PC? Can u try another PSU?
  7. Also is your PC OC'd?
  8. Any error code or beeps?
  9. yes my pc is about 2 years old and, no its not overclocked, no beeps and code , ill try and get the code down if i can, the psu is only a few months old too, but dont have a larger one to try at the moment?
  10. Can u run the Memtest or Windows memory diagnostics with 1 RAM stick only?
  11. ok i will have a go at that 1st thing in the morning and report back, thanks for the help and support.
  12. OK, run the Windows diag. one. And try different slots to, if it will fail.
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