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Two different Timing/voltage RAM in the same system

I have been running two pairs of different memory together for maybe 6 months, they are both 1gig Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800mhz except one pair has a voltage and timing of 5-5-5-18 1.80v and the other of 4-4-4-12 2.10v .

Despite the differences these four sticks worked happily together for the past 6 months, except yesterday either nvidia's motherboard update or window's 7 update decided to break this ignorant marriage.

Now the only way my system will boot up happily is with just one set installed, I have tried both combinations for having all 4 gigs in the system, with one the system gives out a long beeeeep and hangs, with the other the system hangs on the boot memory test.

and the mother board is a
Evga 750 SLi FTW

I was digging around the bios, and couldnt really see a way of setting the memory timings/voltages differently per ram slot. My question is this, is there any way to get this to work? If I roll back and use the evga motherboard drivers (and not the nvidia ones) to get it to work (assuming thats what did it) am I hurting the system?

any help would be appreciated thanks!
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    Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    Well you at least get why we don't recommend mix-matching RAM ;)

    Here's a mix to try:

    DDR2-800 5-5-5-18 1.80v
    DDR2-800 4-4-4-12 2.10v
    DDR2-800 5-5-5-18 1.95v ~ 2.10v

    1. Boot with only the working RAM

    2. BIOS:

    MEM (DDR), MHz -> 800
    Memory Timing Setting /
    Memory Timing Setting -> Expert
    tCL (CAS Latency) -> 5
    tRDC -> 5
    tRP -> 5
    tRAS -> 18
    Command Per Clock (CDM) -> 2T
    System Voltages /
    Memory -> 1.95v ~ 2.10v ; trial by post/boot failure, you can start high and work down to 1.95v

    Save & Exit = Yes

    3. Shut down

    4. Install all RAM

    5. Boot and keep fingers crossed

    Let me know.
  2. thank you!

    I will be trying that now,
  3. and thank you once more!

    I was able to get it down to 1.95 stable (writing here).. and the timing has been set manually to what you said.

    (next time I will not be mixing ram)
  4. Cool and happy to see! :sol:
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