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Hey all, I've been googling and googling, trying to find what laptops have the integrated Radeon 3300 chip. It's my understanding that this is the fastest integrated chip you cant get yet I can't find any laptops that have it.

I'm looking for a laptop to do mostly webdesign on but I'd like to play minecraft as well. I have a dedicated gaming rig already so I want a laptop that is more mobile than gaming.
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  1. Actually, that is a rather old mobile GPU. You can now find Radeon Mobile 6XXX and 58XX GPUs, as well as much more capable Nvidia offerings.

    Given that, how much is your notebook budget?
  2. Well I was going to buy a used one on Ebay. I recently got an open box Ideapad Y450 for my wife for $360 so I was hoping to stay in that range. I like her laptop but it doesn't run minecraft well.

    Basically I'm looking for laptops that are around $700 or so new and hoping to find them below $400 used or refurbished/open box. I'm ok with older tech, like Core2Duo. Or TurionX2.

    Any suggestions?
  3. Within you budget, something like this would perform well:
  4. Interesting. I'm actually bidding on a similarly speced Toshiba. Thanks for the suggestion and I'll keep a look out for that laptop or something with similar specs. Appreciate it.
  5. You can go to and look at notebooks by GPU. I am an ATI/AMD fan, by admission, and you can get a lot of computer not a lot of money if you look around a bit. My wife has a Toshiba (Turion x2/Radeon Mobile) that performs quite well and we have been very happy with the level of performance/cost.

    Good luck!
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