Need Advice on Chose Parts

Approximate Purchase Date: Within the next 2 weeks.

Budget Range: Based on what I have below it looks like I have $1500 I'm willing to spend but the advice needs to be reasonable. I'm not looking to create a monster I can't tame and use. :D

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, internet browsing, school work :sarcastic: lol

Parts Not Required:
Case: HAF X
Processor: i7 960 LGA 1366
SSD for OS: Intel X25-M 160GB
OS: Win 7 Ultimate

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Newegg is the only site I am currently looking at at the moment but if there are any better deals out there saving more money is a plus.

Country of Origin: USA

Parts Preferences: Anyone's advice is better than what I think at the moment because this is my first build.

Overclocking: It's a gray area for me so I'll leave it to a maybe.

SLI or Crossfire: Again like OC'ing, but from the videos I have seen it's closer to a no than maybe but if it is within budget then yes.

Monitor Resolution: 1920 x 1080 at least.

Additional Comments: So far I have invested approximately $530 for the parts that I already have. Yes it's weird but I work for a retailer that allows me to save so much.

So other than that, this is what I have been looking at. I apologize for repeating myself but this is my first build.

Mobo: Asus Sabertooth

Cooler: Although this is my first time the Corsair H70 looks interesting to me but if anyone thinks it's not worth it feel free to suggest another cooler and post a reason.

PSU:CORSAIR TX Series 950W This is what was suggested to me from my previous thread but I'm not sure if it's modular which is what I want for cable management to look neat. Again if the HAF X can take care of the cables then keep it. CORSAIR TX Series 950W

RAM: CORSAIR XMS3 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) Desktop Memory Model TR3X6G1333C7 G

HDD: WD Caviar Black 1TB for storage.

GPU: This is a total blank to me but I need for it to handle Dragon Age 2, Crysis 2, dual monitors with the resolution I suggested above.

Disc Drives: I'm all ears or eyes on this one too but I would prefer one that can do Blu-ray.

Okay so far it looks like this totals, without the items I already have, to $635 before the GPU, monitors, and Disc Drives.
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  1. Ok first are you absolutely positive you don't want a multi card configuration, because without this you don't need a 950 watt psu.

    Your trying to buy two monitors also?
  2. If by multi card you mean the GPU's then no not at the moment but I did work it in my budget for the future when I'm ready to buy a second GPU. For your second question, yes, I am trying to buy two monitors that support 1920 x 1080.
  3. Ok Mobo looks fine after second look, Corsair is a good brand of PSU I would suggest closer to a 850 watter in the same series, and instead of the WD caviar black I would take the Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB.

    the Samsung is 64.99
    The 850 w corsair is 129.99

    everything else looks fine but budgeting (2) monitors at that resolution in with this is proving difficult.

    a good GFX card would be a GTX 460 1gb which has excellent SLI properties but these are ~199 a 6850 would be 179.99 but sports driver issues sometimes and I'm not too willing on suggesting the 6850.

    a blu ray drive would be around 60-80 bucks

    I'm looking at 1399 before monitors and shipping, leaves $101, including the 530 you have already spent.
  4. how much do monitors at that resolution run?
  5. Just to give you a reminder it's $1500 besides from what I already spent. So the $635 I have posted leaves me to a little under $1000 for a GPU that can handle the games listed and two monitors at those resolutions.
  6. 115 bucks for the cheapest one on newegg up I was looking at an Asus 22in 1080p HDMI LCD for 144.99 though which is currently deactivated.:(
  7. The monitors would probably be the least of my concerns since I just want the rig to be completed first. So if it's easier on you any recommendation on a optical blu ray enabled drive and GPU would be most helpful.
  8. Oh, I'm sorry I was thinking you wanted to spend 1500 for the whole build.

    Ok, I saved you 40 bucks already so 1040 is our limit.

    GPU: EVGA gtx 580 499.99
    Monitor x2: Asus Vh242H =359.98 1080p 23.6" screen

    your total is 1449.97 this includes everything I only changed the PSU and HDD, these prices could change so watch out!

    Now if this looks good to you I would go to other forums and either link back to this one or tell them about this, I usually have help doing this and I don't want to lead you astray.
  9. So what do you think about that
  10. Wow a $500 GPU. Do I really need that badass of a GPU lol?
  11. Ok for assurance I took your build used 6 high performance 120mm fans the ssd the hdd everything I think and 2 580s and the eXtreme PSU calucator stated 776 watts were used now bare in mind I put in an 850 watt PSU to save money (like I really needed too) if you find you want to change back feel free too it's a great PSU.
    That 950 watt would let you overclock and watercool once you learned how, and if you are an enthusiast I would look into it later down the line.
  12. Wow that's great. Do you know of any good Blu Ray optical drives?
  13. do I really need that bad ass of a gpu?

    I could make your build a H*** of a lot cheaper I'm building myself a PC that would take at most 1100 to build but yours makes mine look like a toy.
    I could put 2 GTX 460s in for you which would be better than a 580 for a fraction of the cost but it's SLI, or I could pick any GPU from 199 up but if your going to spend 1500 not including the CPU etc. I thought you wanted to spend the rest of it.

    I can help you do what you want I just have to know.
  14. I just meant that for what I was using it for will I see a big difference than a lower end model but if it is that great of a GPU then why not.
  15. I was just reading some forums and it looks like two 460s out perform a 580 by a good percentage. So is that a better route but I still want them to be able to run the games listed at high res without breaking a sweat.
  16. Best answer
    jeffrey90 said:
    I just meant that for what I was using it for will I see a big difference than a lower end model but if it is that great of a GPU then why not.

    why i initially said the 580 is because for a middle of the road build which this one isn't then a GTX 460 would be a good choice and down the road another would be good pairing. These two together =580 in a few games a 570 in others. You didn't want to do SLI so I went with your favored set up.

    I have given you the details to an "enthusiast" grade build and I would advise you before purchase to email ScrewySqrl on Toms hardware, he usually pokes his head in and helps and I would ask him if this looks ok to him he's an expert.

    To my eyes though unless you want to save a little here and there I think your about done any questions?

    EDIT: I was leaning toward a pair of 460s but I didn't want to 'make' you do an SLI set up...few, thats a load off of my shoulders :D

    For an SLI 460 setup MSI N460 Hawk would be a good card and 2 would cost 40 bucks more than the 570 ( the 580 is the expensive one)
  17. Looks good. I thought it wasn't going to be a monster but from the looks of your posts it is going to be one. Haha. Thanks for the advice man. Since it's still 2 weeks till I get the money I will leave this forum open for other people to post on and see what they have to say. This actually puts a lot of things together for me and makes a whole lot of sense. Thanks again.
  18. OK I'm glad that I reassured you on something I was beginning to doubt if I was helping you
  19. Still kinda wondering if it is really worth it for a 580. I mean for Crysis 2 and Dragon Age 2 is the 480 good enough or will I really see a difference with the 580. I've also seen some areas in the internet where a 6xx series is to be released. Sooooo confused right now lol.
  20. Don't believe the hype of an SLI'd 460 or 560. A single gtx580 can have a better min framerates than 2 midrange cards. Read the review of the SLI'd 560 on
  21. Should he consider a gtx 570 and down the road install a second one?
  22. Going with the 580 then.
  23. Oh and does anyone know if the H70 comes with liquid in it already or do I pour water into it?
  24. jeffrey90 said:
    Oh and does anyone know if the H70 comes with liquid in it already or do I pour water into it?

    It is self contained with their coolant.
  25. zepfan_75 said:
    OK I'm glad that I reassured you on something I was beginning to doubt if I was helping you

    This is to everyone that can help out. It looks like I can hold off on the monitors, the PC is top priority because I just want something I can game on right away (been missing too much out on eveyrthing :( ). Other than that, that would mean that it's $1500 on other parts other than the ones I had mentioned I already had. So if you can give me advice on a better motherboard, RAM, HDD which I don't seem to like I think I'll go with the Caviar Black, oh and also the Optical Drives. Basically I want to have everything to be compatible as much as possible so that I can reach top performance.
  26. Best answer selected by jeffrey90.
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