My first build and im having problems

So i finally got my computer parts from newegg, and after i finished building the pc, i pressed the on button, it turned on but nothing displayed so i open my case and i realized i didnt put the power connecting into the graphics card and i left the case open, i press the on button and my graphics card gave out smoke. So what can be my problems?

Specs: Graphics card Motherboard Ram Power supply

Thank you for your time
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  1. Did you use the correct connector from the PSU?
  2. Yes i used the 6 pin cable
  3. If that is correct and all connectors are in properly then bad card is the first that comes to my mind since they are not supposed to smoke.
  4. Ok i'll just rma it then =)

    But my power supply can handle this graphics right?
  5. Yes it is plenty for it even if you had two in there!
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