HDMI on non HDMI monitor

hello Guys
I just Bought A SAMSUNG BX2031

Is there any way to Turn it into a HDMI by cable or somthing ?!!

i got GTX 260 and it dose support HDMI btw
and yes its a noobie question , not my field lol xD
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    They make a DVI to HDMI cable. one came with my monitor. So the DVI will plug into the computer and HDMI on the monitor end.

    The also have DVI to HDMI adapters. A lot of video cards come with them. You can pick them up on-line for cheap (shipping can cost more the the adapter)

    Google "DVI to hdmi cable" or "DVI to HDMI Adapter" and you will see them.
  2. Thank you for your Help , and i have already tried what u have said ......

    and i thought HDMI is better than DVI , but am wrong
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