Hp pavilion a6157c disable integrated video card.

this desktop has and asus leonite2 motherboard.

i installed a geforce 8400, but and getting a driver conflict msg. have made sure PCI is enabled in bios and have disabled onboard graphics in device manager. still get nothing when monitor plugged into card and still have error msg in device manager. also get msg that says VGA drivers not compatible.

i am at a loss. any ideas? thanks.
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  1. Are you sure you have to disable your onboard graphics?

    Make sure you got the drivers from nvidia's website. Go back there, look up your model and operating system and download the package. Reinstall your drivers and see what happens.
  2. thanks. it appears so. everything is on hold while i swap out my power supply. turns out that the one that is in this computer is pretty puny, but i have another that will do the trick.
    don't know what you would have to do with the problem but it sure won't hurt as more power is always a good thing.

    even the instructions that came with the card say to disable integrated cards.
  3. The geforce 8400 required a 300W power supply. So if yours is less than that, then it could be causing your issues.
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