Please help me in Buying a graphic card which supports SLI??

:bounce: Heyy, Guys... i have purchased Zotac nForce 790i-Supreme motherboard which supports ultra SLI.. i'm in search of a Graphic card which would perform together with the motherboards display adapter and could perform the best so that i could play games like Crysis on that.....

Please mention me some graphic cards which would not go 2 a rate more than 100$
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  1. For $100 the best you could do is a couple of used 9800GTX+'s off of ebay.

    However I'd say get a single GTS450 for now, and SLI another one later. Keep in mind you'll need a good power supply (32a at least on the 12v rail with 450+Watts) and a decent processor (OC'd E7XXX/E8XXX or a quad-core).
  2. If you're in the US, here's a couple good options for a GTS 450. With your budget, I'd buy a single GPU rather than trying to SLI two lesser cards.

    Asus GTS 450 $119.99 + Free Shipping - $20 MIR = $99.99

    EVGA GTS 450 (Overclocked) $124.99 + Free Shipping - $30 MIR = 94.99
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