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i have an imedia i4523buk packard bell i3 an have no idea what my power supply is an what ati graphic card i can use
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  1. Open up the case and look at the sticker on the PSU then post it here.
  2. its a very small case an being new to all this could not it . Was adviced i could run an ati 5570 card on low power supply even though it asks for 400 watts
  3. Yea 5570 should be safe, it'll run fine even on a 250w.

    Just unscrew the side panel from the back of the case, you'll have to open it up for installing the graphics card anyway.
  4. thank you for your help . will windows find the card automatically ? do i have to uninstall the intergrated drivers its intel intergrated graphics
  5. You have to uninstall the drivers the intel drivers first, then put the card in.
    Disable the onboard raphics from the BIOS is recommended but not mandatory.

    After you put the card in and boot, just download and install the latest drivers from the amd site.
  6. thanks for all your help
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