New HomeBuilt computer brakes outlets after use

I finished building my computer roughly 1 month ago, and plugged everything into my electrical outlet adapter. I started it up without problems, but when i put it into sleep mode it shut down without warning, and would not power up again unless I moved it to a different slot on the adapter. It is almost as if I had blown a fuse except just in that one slot. Funnily enough, other appliances still work in the "blown" slots. I noticed that the adapter i was using was slightly old, so I replaced it with a newer one, and this time plugged my computer directly into the wall. Now it works in neither of the two outlets I need it to (haven't tried others), and I am afraid to "blow" more sockets. Anyone know anything about this, or maybe where else I could ask around?

Here's my PSU from Bestbuy:

Thermaltake - 600W TR2 ATX Power Supply
Model: W0388RU | SKU: 9827268
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  1. Hi, I hope I can help, but you will need to troubleshoot this to locate the problem area.
    I am an electrician, but whatever you do is at your own risk, I am not an IT pro :)
    It sounds like the problem is isolated to your PC & cord. The wall outlets are hardy, and you would have known if you damaged it, the circuit breaker would have tripped, and/or spark, pop, burn marks and odor. Same goes for the power strip (although they are less hardy by far)

    First suspect: Power Cord

    The wires in the connected ends are prone to fraying and result in intermittent failures. Unlikely in a month old product, but you never know. If you have an old pc around, swap the cord. Or drop $10 on something like the above.

    If you want to rule out any outlet as suspect, buy a Plug tester
    This will immediately let you know the status of your outlets.

    To test the powercord, you need a Multimeter
    Again, at your own risk, detatch the pc cord from the PSU and connect it to a wall outlet. Set the meter to AC 120v, and plug the 2 leads of the multimeter into the 2 "top" L&R holes of your pc cord. If you live in the U.S. you should see 115~125 volts.

    If it's not the cord, then you know it is downstream in the PSU, or something in your PC, and hopefully someone else might know of a cause in those areas.

    Your power supply has a 5 year warranty parts/labor, so if it's there you're covered at least. Goodluck, hope this helped.

  2. Oh, I got so carried away I forgot about the sleep mode comment. If that is a recuring symptom, that may be significant. (I don't know) Perhaps it is not the switching to a new outlet that allows it to power up, but the act of disconnecting from the outlet is resetting something, either hardware or software.
  3. As long as you are using a good plug I don't think it is the outlet I think it is some device not walking up from sleep mode, I would disable devices one at a time till you find the one not responded to the sleep command I have also seen issues with Sleep trying to occure when system is in hibernate so first diable that and work with just sleep.
  4. Why does the computer no longer turned on when plugged into that specific outlet then? Also, I happen to have 2 extra power cords for my PSU, which I can't find... and an analog multimeter from an old science project also missing... When I find them, I'll reply again, but other then tha, he sleep problem was reoccurring until I switched from an adapter to a main outlet, since then I have had no problems except this one (about 7 days). And this problem did not happen while the computer was in sleep mode.
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