Need Help: computer display not working!!!

Hi, I have been having many some issues with my 2nd build. First problem I had was that when I booted up the pc, the pc turned off within 5-10 seconds saying, "CPU over temperature..." I went online to read some solutions and some said to clean it with rubbing alcohol which I did. After that when I booted up the pc, it didn't turn off anymore but instead, there is nothing on the display!! Is this a problem of the CPU or the graphics card, psu, or a bad motherboard?? It did work in the beginning except the CPU error. So I am really confused what the problem is. I also plugged a power out of the graphics card and it made a beep sound. I checked the inside and all the fans were working.


MB: Asus Rampage Formula III
CPU: Intel i7-920
Memory: Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 2000.
Graphics Card: Asus ati 5870
PSU: Thermaltake 1000W
Harddrive: 150GB Western Digital velociraptor
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  1. I am gonna take the parts apart this weekend and rebuild it again. But until then I want to try all of your suggestions.

    Thank You all in advance!!
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