Ati radeon hd 5770 problems

Hello,I bought this ATI HDRadeon 5770 and am currently trying to install it but am having problems.

The issue is when I start up the computer its a black screen, now I've figured this is the cause of not having the 2 6 pin power connectors connected. However I have a Raptor R500 power supply but I see neither 6 pin adapters, or a place to use the adapter that came with the card.

I ordered my computer with custom parts but it was put together, so everything is still bundled in zip ties so I was wondering if maybe I can use this PSU but just need to find the right things I'm missing because they are wrapped up, or if I need to get a new PSU?

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Bump. =/

    Edit: Also the aforementioned adapter was 2 peripheral adapters that convert into a single 6 pin, but I can't find these either. I'm at a loss here. I looked at the r500 specs and it says it comes with peripheral adapters and 2 6 pins but I can't find either
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