Is my motherboard broken? :( will it work? (pictures) help!

I accidentally broke a piece :(

xfx 750i

Can the motherboard still function? Im sad.

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  1. I would not use that motherboard because you might damage other components. Try RMAing with the vendor. Who knows, they might actually help you out.
  2. that was a capacitor. If you still have the broken part, I suggest to go to an electronic shop as they may have the same parts and are relatively easy to repair. I did replace capacitor on some motherboards some years ago when capacitors were failing on some cheap and non so cheap motherboard.
  3. The board won't work as-is (won't be stable anyway). Get a new capacitor and solder it on the board. If you're not comfortable with doing that, contact me and we can further progress the issue either with repair or purchase. PM me if you want and we can discuss your options.
  4. thanks for the quick replies!
    hmm what if i take a capacitor off an old mother board and solder it on there!
  5. if it is the same, that should work
  6. But it needs to be the exact same model. Verify that before you try to attach it.
  7. by model do u mean motherboard? or capasitor model ( its a 470 16v) ( the lil cap thingie)
  8. miked79 said:
    by model do u mean motherboard? or capasitor model ( its a 470 16v) ( the lil cap thingie)

    The capacitor.
  9. and, since the leads are still soldered to the motherboared, just weld the new cap to the existing lead. Just make sure that leads wont be able to get together as they will short themself. and make sure you respect the polarity too, as cap tend to explode if inverted... Just use extra caution and you should be able to fix it for yourself.
  10. hmm im not quite sure i have the skill to do this ! i might be better off taking it to somewhere and have them do it! cuz i dont wanna break it :(
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