Desktop power supply needed to use Quadro FX 580

Hello, I want to use a Quadro FX 580 graphics card, which has a max power consumption of 40W, in a premium desktop computer that has a 300W power supply. Will this work or will I need additional power?
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  1. It should be fine, tell me the rest of your pc specs to be sure.

    The whole quadro lineup is ridiculously overpriced, because they're "professional" cards, it's just complete BS to make people buy those inferiror cards at a much higher price than they should be. Any 100-ish$ card from the GeForce 400 series will humilliate that quadro on anything you want it to do.
  2. DELL Inspiron 580
    Intel® Core™ i3 3.2GHz
    Cache Memory 4MB
    System Memory (RAM) 6GB
    System Memory (RAM) Expandable To 8GB
    Type of Memory (RAM) DDR3 SDRAM
    Hard Drive Type SATA (7200 rpm)
    Hard Drive Size 750GB
    Graphics Intel® HD

    I've read a lot about graphics cards recently because I need to run SolidWorks on this computer. Between the SolidWorks recommended and tested list of cards and user reviews, I decided on the FX 580 because it was relatively cheap but should also give me full capability in SolidWorks.
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