Which 6850 model should I get?

Recently I have decided that I would get the 6850 card. However, I don't know which card I should choose from the 6850 list.

However, I have narrowed it down to two sapphire cards -



I would also like to ask - which one would run cooler and quieter. Also, which one is smaller

Thanks very much!

EDIT: Sorry links didn't work. My mistake
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  1. Your links actually provide a box.

    However the best HD6850 in my opinion is the ASUS DirectCU variant. Offering direct-contact copper heatpipes (DirectCU?) for more efficient cooling, coupled with ASUS SmartDoctor for overclocking, you can't go wrong.

    If, however, you want a Sapphire card, the TOXIC or Vapor-X variant is what you should look for. Sapphires' program called TrixX is great for overclocking and Sapphire's cooling system is also nicely done.
  2. Either DirectCU or Sapphire TOXIC. However, the TOXIC is not a Vapor-X variant. I own one and sometimes it can hit 80C, not sure if it's healthy but it sure looks hot to me.
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