An issue I've never had before - NEED help please

It would take me wayyyyy too much time to run through all the details.

Suffice to say, I've spent the last couple weeks trying to sort out this issue and I can't get my system to boot.

Here's the nuts and bolts.

Couple weeks ago I bought a new proc/mobo (2500k/p67 pro). Set up the new parts with my old components, and yes I made sure it was all compatible etc. The system wouldn't boot.

Put my old set up back together, did some searching, then recomposed my new set up only to have the same issue I was having before. Put my system back with my old proc/mobo to do some more searching... then my old system wouldn't boot... even though it had just booted the night before...

I figured the only common denominator was the power supply, so I went to best buy and got a gs700. Came home, hooked it up, hit the power button.. my system went up in smoke... no bs.

Monday I ordered a whole new set up except for my old hard drive and the 2500k since there's no reason they'd be damaged.

I got the p67 deluxe, asus gtx570, 1600ddr3 ripjaws, and corsair tx750 psu

Put it all together.. and I'm having the same problem as before. Now... I'm convinced it's user error not hardware failure... cuz no way does this much hardware fail in this short of time.

What I have tried....
Only gpu, proc, and ram hooked up (one ram stick), no boot.
I've switched the ram into different slots, I've reset the cmos and even tried removing the cmos battery as well as trying to boot with no ram inserted.. no beepcodes.. no nothing.

The red mobo pwr led is on, so I know the system is receiving power, but the moment I hit the power button, one blue fan led flashes for a milisecond and nothing happens.. no fan movement.. no life whatsoever..

I've built several computers over the years, so I'm not braindead, but I can't for the life of me figure out what the problem is and I need help, please.
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More about issue please
  1. A good power supply will prevent any damage to your board if it smokes. But sometimes it happens anyway. And you're smart enough to admit you may have commited a "user error". It happens. I've had a few myself. Here's some troubleshooting videos to get you started: If you decide to rma the board or cpu, then you must inspect them thoroughly for any signs of surface damage, such as burnt marks. No point in sending them in if you find the damage; the manufacturer will also find them if you can. Expect to wait 24 hours for them to issue an rma number, and 2-3 weeks to send you a replacement part. Some folks won't wait, and go ahead and purchase new parts and sell the rma replacement when they come back. Good luck.
  2. Did you reuse the original OS installation with the new computer? In my experience, that works about half the time. Or did you wipe it and reinstall?
  3. The 'explosion' happened with my old set up + new psu. So, the new mobo and proc, I rma'd with no worries.

    I actually did a little more analysis and figured this possibility, lmk what you think..

    I ordered the new mobo/proc right..

    Let's say the proc was the defective piece all along causing complete boot failure. (The only part of the circumstance this doesn't match is the part where I put my old set up back together and it worked fine before I did it the second time, but I don't think there's a discernible explanation for that). I transfer all the parts to the old computer, let's say the faulty proc damaged the ram, so now my old system won't boot (highly unlikely, I know, but ... running out of possibilities). I buy a new psu, which is defective already, causes my entire old system to go up in smoke - treating this as a possible separate issue having nothing to do with the original boot problem with the new components...

    So.. I RMA'd everything for replacement... when the new stuff shows up.. I'll find out if I have the same problem again or not.

    In terms of the OS, I just used the same hard drive I've been using for a long time, but I was trying to boot without it connected just to get the system to boot, which is wasn't doing, so the hard drive working or not hasn't even been a relevant concern at this point.
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