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hello all, I am in the process of building a new PC and wanted to know if these parts were compatable?

I have a
that i can recycle into the project (i was thinking possibly the HDD, DVD, and maybe the case)

I would be willing to spend up to $800 if the extra cost is going to make a noticable difference. the primary use of this system would be online gaming, mostly MMO's(rift), and some FPS's.

thank you very much in advance :)
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  1. Just fyi the first link doesn't appear to work I think it needs to be in the wish list to view not the shopping cart.
  2. Yes any upgrade would be a huge difference in gaming over that old X4.

    Unfortunately we can't see the parts your asking about in the first link.

    You could re-use hdd, dvd, case (if it's standard ATX) and possibly the OS but you may have to call Microsoft and tell them your motherboard died and your replacing it with a new one since the OS is usually tied to the motherboard.
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