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Hi everyone. I bought a PNY GeForce 8400GS PCI Graphics card for my girlfriends old computer. It's not a fast machine by any means, but youtube was barely viewable on her old dedicated graphics.

Everything was great till a couple of days ago. Youtube started to become laggy and the load was at 100% again, something it had not done since I installed the card.

It even ran the sims 2 at high res and didn't use up that much CPU. I don't know whats wrong with it.

I even unplugged her DVD burner because I have an external one and CD ROM to make sure it wasn't an issue with it not getting enough power.

It isn't hot because the sides are partially off and we have a big floor fan running all day.

Also I have another monitor I have hooked up to it, but I want to only control one at a time not have them both doing the same thing. ie watch a video on one and read news on the other.

I have looked at the settings but can't get it to work.

One monitor has lower resolution settings than the other and I don't want my nice monitor to have to run at crappy resolution settings because of the other one.

I want to control their resolutions separately basically. Thanks in advance.

Her power supply is at 300 W so it can power the card especially without the floppy, DVD-R and CD-ROM drive sucking up juice.

If anyone can help me or point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. I know this card is old but it got the job done for simple computing until recently.
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  1. Chances are that it is likely software, I psu units that are nearly as old as I am that still run without any issues. Get ccleaner to rid of crap saved by the os and browsers as well junk that has collected in the recycle bin. Wipe any old and unwanted os restore points as it will free up a Lot of space. Last but not least give Comodo (very good anti virus) and Lava soft Adware a shot to rid of any tracking cookies and malware. Malwarebytes also does a vry good job cleaning up infections that harm system performance. Last but not least free up space or upgrade the ram. Hard drives typically start losing performance once they are more than half way full or have been used for a very long period of time ware the free space wasn't wiped.

    Now for the tough questions. How old is the machine? What type of cpu (Intel, AMD) ect? How much ram and what size and brand is the hard drive?
  2. I run Ccleaner daily. i run antivirus weekly. I defrag every month and have wiped all useless programs and junk that are on it. I added an extra hard drive for multimedia only to alleviate use of the main HDD. The computer is pretty old. Here are the specs. I also run Malwarebytes every week so I don't think its a virus related issue.
    I upgraded the ram to 1gb the max the system can handle. It might be Firefox that crashes on videos because when I use Chrome or Safari to watch videos I don't get this problem. I did notice that when I played Sims 2 it ran it perfectly and also Harry Potter ran flawlessly as well so I don't understand why Firefox has this issue. I tried to play Gunbound because I had played it previously,but it would not work properly. I got vertical lines running through it. Thanks again everyone for the help.
  3. Vertical lines indicate that the card is at fault likely due to overheating.
  4. nforce4max said:
    Vertical lines indicate that the card is at fault likely due to overheating.

    ok, but it doesn't do that when I play any other games like the sims 3 or harry potter and the half blood prince on max settings so I know gunbound isn't more hungry than those games. Thanks.
  5. sorry I didn't make myself clear. Why should it work less efficiently for that game than the others?
  6. /face palm

    The card simply got hot and it will happen if you push it at full load long enough. Just check the fan if it does have one to see if it is working. I had a 8400gs my self and they are weak but oh well but just be sure to keep it cool or it will act like any other card and show artifacts.
  7. LOL girlfriend's computer:D
    however 8400gs no way,get 9400gt or hd 5450,they are best for this stuff.
  8. mrjericho1991 said:
    LOL girlfriend's computer:D
    however 8400gs no way,get 9400gt or hd 5450,they are best for this stuff.

    For the Fail <_<

    There is a reason why he bought a 8400gs as it is a pci version. It is a old p4 era celeron (socket 478) that doesn't have a agp slot.
  9. some 865 motherboards have agp,however there are 9400gt s available in pci in market they are better than 8400gs.
  10. Well thanks for the reply's guys. It really is my girlfriends computer because my computer died. I will just stick with this card as I will be buying a laptop in the future. Thanks again.
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