How to use PC speakers and headset at the same time - Win7

I am trying to set up my multimedia PC that is hooked up to my HDTV via HDMI cable. I would like to be able to use my TV speakers for regular audio through the HDMI port (which is working), but have my headset enabled for programs like vent, mumble, etc. When I plug in my headset it kills the audio coming from my TV. Under device manager both are enabled. I think I can set up the voice chat programs to use the headset device, but how do I keep my PC from disabling the speakers once a headset is connected?

Win 7 - 64 bit
Audio - HDMI port of ATI HD5670
Headset - Microsoft Xbox 360 Headset hooked up through wireless controller, Have another USB wired headset that has the same problem.
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  1. with usb this might not be possible since the computer recognizes the headset as a headset and pipes all the sound through that. with an analog headset you could get a y cable from the front speaker out but then youd get all the headset chatter on the tv as well.
  2. turn off headset detection.... there will be an option to mute the speakers when headphones are detected. just turn that off. it may only work with 35mm jack headphones as they plug into the same sound card the usb 1s dont.
  3. I've found this forum topic searching for a solution to a similar problem, I want to know if its possible to send 1 audio source via hdmi to my tv (eg a movie) and a separate different audio source to my analog 3.5mm jack headset (eg gaming).

    Perhaps a solution to both our problems are similar.

    Any repliers to this pls look at mine... cheers guys

    good luck atl2rva, if you work out your prob pls let me know as it may help me.

    Cheers, Daj
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