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So I just set up my Radeon R5670. I got two installed, and I have the crossfire enabled in the Catalyst. However, the 2nd GPU isn't working. In the MSI afterburner software it shows the 2nd GPU isn't doing any work.
I am lost.
Does anybody have any clue as to why the 2nd GPU doesn't want to do any lifting?
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  1. Is it crossing though?

    Did you run benchmarks to compare 1 and 2 cards?
  2. I ran the recent FFXIV benchmark.

    I actually did worse after I enabled crossfire.

    1- 1945

    2- 1865
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    FFXIV benchmark will not crossfire. Crossfire does not work when you are at the desktop. If your game is in a window, crossfire will not work. If you are at the desktop to look at MSI afterburner, crossfire will not work. You will have have MSI afterburner track and when you leave fullscreen mode, you can look at the log to see if it was working.

    Fullscreen mode is the only mode crossfire works in.
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  5. Wow,
    Thanks for that. It's always the simple stuff that drives me nuts.

    It is working, thank you.
  6. Glad that was all it was. I remember when I first learned crossfire didn't work in a window, or at the desktop at all. I was disapointed a little. Of course the only game I play in a window is WoW.
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