Game resolution problem

i have a dell inspiron 15.6 inch laptop
and whenever i run games( COUNTER STRIKE , WARCRAFT ) i am not able to get it in full screen ... i see black bars on sides... the game comes only in centre screen ........... help me on how to change the graphics card setting (ATI GRAPHICS CARD)
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  1. Within the game you are playing, do you have the option to choose a higher resolution?
  2. yes i do !! but whatever changes i make it only comes to the centre of the screen ... there are 2 black bars in the sides .....(ie i am not able to play in widescreen format)
  3. Look in the game for widescreen options. I know steam keeps their 5:4, 16:10 and 16:9 option separate.
  4. i dont use steam re !! and moreover all games i have the same problem... gotta change graphix card settings ..... help me wid dat
  5. i had the same problem
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