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3d setup question

I have a question, say if i have this product:
and i wanted to hook it up to my computer, could i watch 3d movies on it and play 3d games? I do game alot, and lately ive wanting to try 3d seeing as alot of my friends have it. Except they have monitors andnot just one but 2-3. Is that better then having a tv? If tv isnt the way to go and monitors are better then what monitors should i buy. Please note that this tv that i bought was in fact 800 bucks so if i do end up buying i do not want to spend over $1000. Under that would be awesome, maybe get two monitors that support 3d? Ive been looking around but none of them really appeal to me as they dont go more then 24 inches. Would gaming/watching movies in 3d matter if i bought a bigger monitor as in reduced frame rates and such?
Oh and here are my specs:
I have intel i7 950 bloomsfield
8 gb RAM
2 570s in sli
1000W PSU (i really dont think i even need a 1000W PSU but since i was given that as a combo deal ive been using it)

Any other info if needed feel free to ask.

Oh and if anyone has any opinions as to why i shouldnt do 3d gaming as in disadvantages then feel free to share that. I need reasonings though not "cuz its not cool or your wasting so much money".
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  1. I personally don't give sh*t about 3D, it's just way too expensive, completely kill the performance ( will cut your fps to half no matter how powerful your PC is), and many of the games that use it experience bugs and overall reduction in picture quality that just can't be compensated by the 3d effect.

    I'd just get one big 120hz IPS LCDTV that can get at least 1080p, 720p isn't good for gaming on a big screen, 120hz does make a huge difference in smoothness.

    Something like this: and plug it through HDMI.
  2. interesting..i thought the cutting of fps thing was only for if you had a crappy video card. I dont think i want a reduced fps just for 3d......and you think my current tv wouldnt be good either and i should go for 120 Hz lcd?
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    If you already have the TV then is probably best to just use that, the main problem of having a relatively low resolution on a big screen for gaming is that jagged edges will be alot more noticeable, the solution: Crank the AA!

    But be careful of not leaving the image still for a long time when you're gaming, set the screensaver cycle to something short like 2 minutes or so, and don't pause the game and just leave it there for a long while, alt-tab to desktop first for the screensaver to be able to kick in.

    Plasma screens are a lot more vunnerable to still images than LCDs, that's why they're not recommended for gaming, or anythin except movies, if you think all that is just too much of a hassle to do then just get a LCD.
  4. hahaha wow i had no idea. Ok makes sense though. I guess ill opt out of 3d for now. ALso that LCD i beleive looks really really well, maybe ill just get that. Dude, thank you so much. Instead of just telling me you hate 3d you actually told me the cons which is what i wanted. Thanks again.
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  6. You're welcome.
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