PSU current. Continuous or peak?

Hello all,
Can anybody tell me if the current that is listed on the specs for a power supply is the peak current or continuous current? What I need for my Motherboard is a power supply with 12V2 rating of 16A continuous and 19A peak current. the power supply that I am looking at is listed as 12v2 18A. I'm not sure if this will be sufficient.
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  1. it depends on the make and model. some manufacturers use peak power to sell lower quality units at inflated prices...
    so leave the name and model... and sum1 with the the knowledge will answer.
  2. What psu is it?
  3. It a 600 W NesteQ X-Strike. I'm buying online and seller hasn't listed the model number but here are the full specs.

    +3.3V 36A, +5V 30A, +12V1 18A, +12V2 18A, +12V3 18A, + 12V4 18A, -12V 0.8A, +5Vsb 3A.

    I'm also looking at an OCZ Stealth Xtream with the same 12V specs.
  4. About the other psu.I cant find info about it.Sorry about that..
  5. Thanks for the link! Looks like a very useful site! I'm actually looking at 600W though. I can't seem to find the same tests for that. Or the NesteQ X-Strike, which is the one I'm actually more interested in.
  6. Yea I can't either. If there's such little info on it I'm going to go ahead and say it might be better for me to stay away from it. Thanks for the help. if anybody knows anything else about this any more knowledge would be appreciated.
  7. I would stay away from it since i've never heard of it.
    And it looks poopy!
    The Amps on the +3.3V are a little high by today's standards so it appears to be an old outdated design.
  8. NesteQ was founded in Germany.

    The NesteQ E2CS X-Strike XS600 uses Sirtec as the OEM. It is a clone of the High Power HP-600-G14S. It is also the same as the OCZ ModXStream Pro 600 W, Xilence XP600, Suza TD-6002A and GPPower Target Power TP-600.

    The DC Output values listed on its label are continuous values.

    The Maximum combined +12 Volt output current is 42 Amps according to its label. The 80 PLUS Verification and Testing Report under 100% Load shows it to be more like 37.7 Amps at 11.9 Volts.

    The only reviews I could find for the NesteQ E2CS X-Strike XS600:
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