HTPC - Remote TVs; How to get signal to them??

Here is my goal and my main questions.

Goal :
Cut expensive cable, maybe continue with a basic package only. I receive all local QAM very nicely on a homemade antenna.
Go the Netflix, maybe Hula Plus route – PC based entertainment

Regarding any PC based entertainment (Netflix, Hula, Movies, DVD, etc.) what do I need to transmit these to various parts of the house? I could probably use existing coax and would think that would beat wireless, but wireless is fine if the quality can be counted on. I can run an HDMI Cable to the main TV, but I want to be able to “pipe” signals to two other TVs in the house.

I’m confused on all these Roku’s, Boxees, WD units and how they actually function. One real mystery to me is if going wireless or even with coax what is required at the “receive” end to capture the signal and get it into the TV? I don’t really want to go to the expense of having a PC at each television location. Can I tune different channels on the remote TVs?

Also, if I used a tuner card in my PC or even a cablecard, can I watch different channels on the remote televisions? If so, how is this accomplished? Any recommended "box" for cablecard with Time Warner Cable?

I know I’m asking a bushel of questions, but I am at a work-stoppage on proceeding with building a HTPC unless I can more clearly understand what takes place “outside” of the PC to make everything happen.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. in short what you would like to do, can not be done...

    you will need some type of device that can output a video/audio signal at each TV location.

    A few questions...

    1. How many different rooms have a TV that you would like to see Netflix/Hulu/etc.
    2. Do you have a wireless network in your house already?
    3. What exaclty do you want to "transmit" to the other TV's?
    A) DVD's?
    B) Netflix/Hulu/etc (Any internet related content)?
    C) OTA (Over the Air) TV signal?
    4. Do you have any PS3's, XBox 360's, or Wii's?

    Also, check this out and check out the forum
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