How to configure 2.1 speakers to each play the sound it's assigned?

I just got a set of 2.1 speakers(Genius SW-HF2.1 1200) and have an issue configuring them. I plugged in the jack at the green slot, and when the realtek HD audio manager asked what I plugged in I selected "Center/subwoofer speaker out". Now when testing the sound I have this issue:
The right speaker responds to sound the subwoofer was supposed to play, the left speaker to sounds the center speaker was supposed to play and the subwoofer plays no sound at all... What should I do to configure it correctly?

Also after that I used connector retasking and set it to "Front Speaker out" and now both the left and right speakers work as intended(as left and right speakers) but the subwoofer plays what the "center speaker" should while the sound that's supposed to be played by the subwoofer is not played at all...

I hope I typed this in a clear enough way, thanks for your time!
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  1. The green output jack is for the front Left/Right speakers, not the center/sub. I assume your speaker set uses only one output cable?

    In some cases, the Center/Sub output gets flipped [this is surprisingly common...], so most soundcards have a driver option to flip the output of the front/sub channel.
  2. If your Realtek manager looks like mine, click on the AudioI/O tab, then when you see the pictures of the color coded jacks, click on the picture of L/R Speakers. It will open open the menu that asked you to specify which speakers you are using. Now you can choose Front Speaker out.
  3. That's what I did, I chose front speaker out, but it doesn't include any subwoofer signals... The subwoofer works as a center speaker instead...
  4. IS there an option to flip the center/sub output anywhere in the driver control panel?
  5. That's what I'm looking for but I can't really find any... :S
  6. Hmmm... For some reason I was unable to edit my last message, so sorry for double-posting but I found the button, it was right under my nose all this time, lol...

    Thanks for the input, guys,
    Cheers :)
  7. ^^ Np; I have no idea why, but a lot of devices flip the Sub/Center channels, so there is usually an option to flip them...
  8. nice to know for the future! It was completely random when I selected the option "center/subwoofer speaker out" which was actually the correct option but it worked nicely when I picked the "front speaker" option instead appart from switching the sub with central speaker, anyway good to know it's easy to tweak past that, though still I'd rather a better way to do it(like assigning which speaker does what manually or something)...

    Anyway, thanks again for the replies :)
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