9800gt drivers.

hello and respect to all,

I run windows 7 ultimate 64bit and windows xp 32 bit OSes.
My pc is paired with amd quad core and 9800gt. The problem is I use different operating systems depending upon the games.
In windows 7 I have installed latest 9800gt drivers but on xp my drivers are that old which came with the card itself.
Now, If I install latest windows xp drivers, would it void the win 7 drivers and make it Xp ones. If that happens, it will be likely to cause problems, and same ruined my 4350. And if vice-versa, i.e to overcome the problem I install 7 drivers, then would xp too be paired with same(7 drivers). and again problem will continue.

Now, is my problem really a problem coz I have not tested and neither be going to, I don't want to damage my 9800gt.
Is anyone here runs two operating system, shall give me some guidance, what to do? oh, is running of gpu drivers separate depending upon windows ?
plz help me, any suggestion or help would be highly appreciated.
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  1. If windows 7 is installed to a diferent partition to xp, all you have to do is download and install the latest drivers from the nvidia site while running from xp.

    What you saying of it "voiding" the 7 drivers makes no sense.
  2. yes, my xp is in c drive and 7 in d drive. Thanks.
    I will get to you, just after checking
  3. I'm running a dual boot rig with Vista and XP and have no issues running two different driver versions.
  4. thanks to all, you all cleared my doubt.
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