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I have a $1400 budget for a gaming computer....It is needed to run WOW-Cataclysm and Sims 3.

I need to ensure all parts are compatible and maybe you probably have some better options for me as well:

All Items were selected through Amazon because they had the best prices at the time I shopped

Item added on February 10, 2011

Hope these linked, so I need to know if all parts are compatible and should I make any changes. Thank You in advance
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    Take a look at the form in the sticky, link in my sig.

    Follow that format and write the part name and price, then link.

    You won't get many responses just posting a list of links.
  2. Thank You very Much Banthracis I will get to work on that. Should I add it as a reply to this one, or should I start a new topic?
  3. Add it as a reply to this one, or edit your original post with that info.

    Also, some people may not want to look through links individually. If you can, just write a very brief note on what each part is.

    edit: for example...

    corsair 750tx
  4. Sorry but reposted apologies
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