Gtx 460

hello forks. I cannot run the gpgpu openCL test in SandraLite. It says driver load failed. I updated the nvidia drivers to the latest and iam even using the latest sandra lite version.

This happened with the older 1725 version of sandra as well.

Help me please.
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  1. Try uninstalling your curent drivers then cleaning the leftovers using driver sweeper under safe mode( download from Guru3D), then install the latest drivers.

    If everything else works as it should I wouldn't bother.
  2. oops sorry it was the GPGPU cryptography benchmark.

    i started with the drivers that came with the card and ran sandralite 1715 and got this error.
    So later i downloaded the latest drivers from nvidia and also downloaded the latest version of sandralite.
    Even after that update still iam left with this error

    Here have a look

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