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Hello everyone, I have been gaming for many years now and have always used computers with a normal sized case. I was recently bought a new computer for my birthday; The gateway SX2801-07e, a slimline model. Comes stock with an Intel GMA X4500. I was seeking some advice on a possible graphics card (that would fit in my seemingly tiny case) to pop in the pci-e x16 expansion slot.

I am mainly using the computer for world of warcraft (yes, I know, judge away!:D) so preferably a card that you know will run a demanding game at 100fps give or take.

Thank you in advance!
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  1. This GTS 450 seems like the best option for you:
  2. Specs for that system ( show only a 220 watt power supply. Unless you can replace that, I wouldn't put anything above an NVidia GT220 into that system and that card won't get you anywhere near 100FPS.

    -Wolf sends
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