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Ok guys I am looking for the best OS for 3gb.Right know I have xp and I play some games like fifa 12 and some FPS games.So my question is if I install Windows 7,will I get more fps in my games
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  1. No ,graphics card give same fps ur changing os only, for more performance update ur driver thats the only solution for speed up
  2. Thanks man
  3. Update direct x ,search graphics card manufacturer for latest drivers and update ,download latest k lite codac pack player and instal codac for windows media player ,defrag hdd for speed up, keep playing
  4. Not true at all. Most games do better in Windows 7 than on XP. Also you have the advantage of Direct X 11 on Windows 7 if you have a DX 11 graphics card. List your hardware and I can do a better job of telling you if 7 is a better choice for you. Also Microsoft is ending support for XP.

    Also always get the latest driver from either AMD or Nvidia NOT the manufacturer.

    And last what the hell does a codec pack have to do with anything? Besides VLC is better than the KLite pack.
  5. anort3 thanks man but if I install windows 7 ,and yes my graphics cars supports dx11.Will directx11 speed my games a little bit
  6. And one more question I have 3gb of ram and asus gt430 should I install 32 bit Windows 7 or 64 bit
  7. anort3 here are my specs:
    intel dual core e2140 1.6ghz
    3gb of ram ddr2 667mhz
    nvidia gt430
    320gb HDD 7200rpm
    400w PSU
  8. Honestly you will not see much of an increase in gaming by upgrading to Windows 7. You will probably get a very small increase like a few frames per second. Most games do run just slightly better on 7.

    Direct X 11 will actually slow you down but it looks better. It needs higher end hardware to run the better graphics it provides. That has always been the trade off in games. Better picture needs better hardware.

    Your computer is at the point it is going to need a full upgrade, that is if gaming is your primary use. Windows 7 is a bit more efficient than XP but not enough so that you would see major changes in how your computer runs.

    Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP in 2014. That means no more security updates or anything. Just for that reason upgrading to Windows 7 is a good idea.

    If you are buying it I would go with 64bit over 32bit. With 32bit you are limited to 4GB of RAM. 64bit is also a bit more efficient in using RAM overall. If you buy a retail copy you can always install it on your new hardware when you do upgrade your computer.
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